Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Here I Come!

We’re one week into the New Year and you know what that means. It’s time to talk about what I have planned for the year for my writing. Some goals are big and some are small. Some I can and will be able to accomplish on my own and some will need the help of my readers. Here we go.

I have got to be better about making sure my website stays updated. I don’t know how many people actually visit my website, but I can tell you for a fact that it’s overdue for an update. Taking a Chance was released in November 2015 and there’s no mention of it on my website. That’s pretty bad considering I have a new book due out this month. Speaking of my website, this is the year I will have my author photo replaced on the home page. Call me vain, but I hate that picture of myself and I want something better.

The final two books of the Taking on Love series will be released this year; Taking a Risk and Taking Another Shot. In fact, Taking a Risk is due to be released this month. That’s right, it’s coming out this month. More details on its release will be given on my social media sites this week.

Since we’re talking about social media, now is a good time to say that I’m going to join Instagram this year. Several people have encouraged me to do so in the past and I’ve balked at it. I think it’s time to stop balking and start moving forward. No clue when I will do this or what name I’ll be using, but I’ll keep you posted on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Getting back to books I am planning to release this year, I have one very special project in the works. I’ll be releasing a ten year anniversary edition of my first novel, Letters from Linc. It will only be available in e-book format and will feature a new cover and expanded content. Of all the things I’m doing this year, this one holds a special place in my heart.

This year, you’ll also be introduced to my next series, The Kinkaid Brothers. It will be a three book series and you’ll understand why when you read Taking a Risk. The Kinkaid brothers play a big role in Taking a Risk and I had such a good time with their characters that they're getting their own stories. Titles for each book are still pending, but you know I’ll be sharing with you when I can.

This is the year I will be making a better effort to promote my books. That means doing more than one book tour a year. I’m going to be honest here. I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do, but I will be conducting some research on book promotion and then forging ahead.

And this is the year that I am going to become a best-selling author.  I don’t care if that’s an Amazon bestseller, N.Y. Times or U.S.A. Today, or all of the above, but I am reaching this goal damn it. I suspect I might have an easier time getting there if I stick to my plan of doing more promotion, but as you know the goal of being a best seller isn’t something I can accomplish on my own. I’ll need your help. Buy my books and tell your friends to do the same.

As long as we’re talking about buying my books, I should let you know this year I’ll be raising my prices. They’ll still be reasonable, only $3.99. Studies have shown that books priced at 99 cents do not sell as well as they’re perceived to be of poor quality while those priced at $3.99 are the most purchased.

There it is. That’s what I’ve got on my writing plate this year. Let’s hope I can pull it all off. 2016 here I come. Let’s make this happen!

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