Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015

In two short days, another year will have come and gone. We’ll be saying goodbye to 2015 and ushering in 2016. With the end of the year, I thought it was a good time to sit back and reflect on what I’ve accomplished with my writing. Besides making me feel better, it will motivate me.

So, what happened this year? Let’s see…

Four books came out this year, which is pretty much the equivalent to one book every quarter. I released the last two books in the Time for Love series and the first two books in the Taking on Love series. In case you’re wondering the four books I released this year were: Tough Times, It’s About Time, Taking a Gamble and Taking a Chance. If you haven’t already, be sure to check them out.

Taking a Gamble, the first book in my Taking on Love series, took a virtual tour. It was introduced to a host of new readers and has been well reviewed by those who have been kind enough to post reviews online.

I’ve received several new Twitter followers and my Facebook author page is up to 630 likes and counting. That might not seem like much compared to some more well-known authors, but it’s a big jump from where I started at the beginning of the year.

I continued to blog faithfully each month. Though I didn’t see an increase in people following my blog, I can see that more people have read it and even commented. I’d call that a win.

A book trailer was released for Taking a Gamble as well as a cover reveal trailer for Taking a Chance. If you haven’t seen either of those, you can still check them out on You Tube.

All of my books became available for purchase on Amazon as of November 2015. Prior to that, only a select few were offered on the world’s most recognized online retail site.

Besides releasing four books, I have an additional two written; the final two books in the Taking on Love series. The first of those books, Taking a Risk, is currently being edited and will soon be off to formatting. Taking Another Shot, the final Taking on Love book, will need to be edited and formatted, but it will be a bit longer than anticipated. Next year, I have a surprise release in store that will come out after Taking a Risk. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Yes, there are some things I didn’t accomplish that I wish I had, one in particular, but I’m not discouraged. 2016 is a new year with new and exciting possibilities. Goodbye 2015 and coming soon, hello 2016!

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