Thursday, July 20, 2017

Going Back to Sapphire Falls

Last year, I was beyond excited when best selling romance author Erin Nicholas invited me to release a book in her Sapphire Falls kindle world. The book, released last October, has been well received.

Recently, I got a chance to write another book in this fabulous series, and I didn't hesitate to jump on it. Several authors from the prior releases joined me in adding new books to the collection, making it even more fun.

I'm happy to say that, Going Even Wilder, my second Sapphire Falls kindle world book released today. Like the last book, it's a novella. This one is shorter than the last one, but these are meant to be short books. The longer the books, the higher the price point which can be less appealing to fans.

Going Even Wilder is a follow up to my first Sapphire Falls book, Going for Wilder. In the first book, piano teacher, Jillian Somers, is bound and determined to get her childhood sweetheart, Jackson Wilder, to admit he still has feelings for her. Flash forward eight months to Going Even Wilder. Jack and Jill are back and this time wedding bells are in the air. Or rather they would be if Jackson would just propose to Jillian already. When Jillian decides Jackson's not moving fast enough on the proposal, she takes matters into her own hands and the hilarity ensues.

I had as much fun writing Going Even Wilder as I did Going for Wilder. I can only hope I did justice to the spirit of the amazing world created by Erin Nicholas who is one of my author idols.

With Going Even Wilder, I'm headed back to Sapphire Falls. If you want to join me, the cost of the trip is just $1.99 for the e-book. Hope I see you there!