Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

Let me just start off by saying the title of this blog is misleading.  It sounds as though there's only one thing I want.  Truthfully, there's a series of things I want, but it starts with just the one thing.

First, I'd like to receive an offer of representation from an agent who loves my work and believes in it as much as I do.  After I find that agent, I'd like him or her to have the perfect contacts in the publishing industry to get me in front of the best editors.  Then I'd like the right editor to fall in love with my book and offer me a lucrative contract that includes a sizable advance and a fifty thousand first copy run of my book. Once those copies hit the book stores, I'd like to hit every conceivable best seller list and get rave reviews around the world. I'd like my book to be made into a movie that spawns all kinds of toys and accessories and the like. With that, I'd like to make enough money that I can support my family just by doing the thing I love, which is writing.

I suppose all of that's a tall order, but to be honest it's every writer's big dream. On a smaller scale, I'd just like to find an agent and a publisher who believe enough in my books to give me a shot. Then I'd like to be able to touch the hearts of my readers and give them a story they can relate to.  I've always prided myself on creating characters that are so believable readers see themselves in them. So, I don't really care if I get rich.  Okay, I care a little, but I'd rather touch a few with something meaningful than sell out and appeal to the masses. 

Anyone with the power to grant me these humble Christmas wishes, please contact me. If not, enjoy your holiday all the same!

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