Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Moving One Step Closer

Last week I told you all about my impatience problem. Having worked so hard on my young adult novel, Like You Mean It, I was anxiously awaiting its release as an e-book. As you learned I wasn’t doing a very good job of playing the waiting game.

This week, I’m feeling a bit better. Just one day after my last blog post, Like You Mean It was finally made available in the Nook bookstore. Since I own a Nook, I was quite literally jumping up and down when I did my daily search of the bookstore and saw it there. There’s something about seeing your book in that bookstore that makes you feel like a writer.

Of course, I went straight to my social media sites to let all of my friends, family and fans know that it was available. While everyone was excited for me, one question prevailed: when will it be available on Kindle?

When will Like You Mean It be available on the Kindle? That’s a good question, and one I’m afraid I can’t answer. Truth be told, I was a bit surprised that the book made it to the Nook faster than the Kindle considering that Kindle is the most popular e-reading device and Nook is supposedly on the way out. I can say the e-book was shipped to Amazon last week.

In checking with the publisher, it seems that Amazon and Apple iBooks don’t always respond to e-book shipments right away.  With e-books now the norm, there is sometimes a backlog of books that have already been received and are waiting to be pushed to the Kindle and iBooks stores. For Like You Mean It fans that own Kindles or use iBooks that means you have to wait longer than Nook owners before you’ll have the book in your library.

So, the bottom line here is that we’re not quite there yet. Like You Mean It hasn’t been made available to all readers, but at least we’re moving one step closer. It’s not the best of outcomes, but it’s far from the worst. And yes, I’ll keep you posted on its availability.

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