Monday, July 30, 2012

One Month Down

It’s going to sound corny when I say this, but it seems like yesterday that I started working with my new literary agent. As of last week, it’s been a month. This month has flown by.

When my agent first began sending out the manuscript, he cautioned me not to expect too much too soon or be disappointed with how much time it took for responses. I assured him I understood. Having been in this business for so many years, I’ve grown accustomed to the length of time needed for agents and publishers alike to review the submissions they receive.

Knowing how much time it’s going to take and realizing how much time has passed are two different things. As usual, I’m faced with mixed feelings. The logical, sensible, practical side of me knows full well that publishers are inundated with submissions and it’s vital to be patient. Then there’s that other side of me, that side that wants to stomp my feet like a tantrum throwing two year old. Okay, that example’s a bit extreme. I simply mean it’s sometimes difficult to be patient and not let the doubt creep in.

Being familiar with the process and having been through it before, I can never completely get over that urge to check my email and mark the days, weeks, and months on my calendar. Despite that, it hasn’t been as great a worry this time. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to occupy my time with writing a new story and editing some old ones I post for the online writer’s site I belong to. At the moment, I’m writing for fun and letting my agent worry about submissions and offers and all other business related things.

And you know what? Having an agent to handle this process has been great. One month quickly down. With any luck there won’t be too many more to go. 

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