Monday, March 5, 2012

SoThat's what RP Means!

Some time back I wrote about what I called the downfalls of fame. The gist of the post was that the ending of the final book of my trilogy met with largely unfavorable reactions. Readers didn’t like that I left the book open ended and they let me know it.

Up until that point, I’d received nothing but glowing reviews so this was my first encounter with what I called the down side of fame. While I recognized their right to express their opinions, I did feel a bit of a sting from how harsh some of them were. It was the kind of thing that made you think twice about whether or not you wanted to keep sharing your work and putting yourself out there.

This past week, something happened that renewed my faith in my ability and reminded me why I write. One of my readers contacted me to ask if I would be willing to allow her to create a RP based on the characters in my trilogy.  Being computer ignorant person that I am had no idea what RP meant. I was explained that RP stands for role play, and this fan wanted to create an entire on line role play devoted to my story and its characters.

Of course I gave her the thumbs up and I’ve been shaking my head in wonder since then. I can’t tell you what an ego boost it is to have created a story that would inspire someone to take the time to do that. And I’m here to tell you this fan has been in a lot of effort into making it a success. Not only that, but she’s been keeping me informed every step of the way.

Given how hard she’s working, I hope she doesn’t experience the disappointment of not having anyone interested in participating. You know, even if no one else wants to play, the fact that she felt so much love for the story that she wanted to find a way to keep it alive is something I will carry close to my heart for a long time. And those days when I’m inclined to complain about fans’ expectations I’ll remember this.

With all this talk I've done about the RP, I'm sure you want to check it out now. Go ahead if you dare: If not, at least you know what RP means now!

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