Monday, July 18, 2011

Here We Go Again

I'm sure you recall me mentioning last week that I've decided to take the plunge again, the literary plunge that is. I've decided to see if my writing's improved enough to secure a literary agent.  As you know, I've thus far waffled back and forth about whether or not I really want an agent and whether mainstream publication is really my goal. 

Last week, I was cautiously optimistic given that my first foray into this produced an immediate result from a rather reputable agent who asked for the manuscript. I'm disappointed to report I was right to err on the side of caution. It took only a few days for her to respond that she couldn't offer representation as my project wasn't ready for publication. I did find it encouraging that she was amenable to previewing any additional projects I had provided my writing improved. Of course, I found that perplexing too given that my target audience is clamoring for me to publish this book so they can have a copy of their own.

Immediately following this rejection, I received several more in rapid succession.  Most were very polite form replies in which the agents professed to be lacking in time or in passion for my project to take on new clients. Given how saturated with submissions today's agents are, I fully understand this. Understanding doesn't equal acceptance.

Having received one rejection after another is somewhat disheartening. It reminds me that writing is a business and my dream is subject to the whims of another. One of the joys of self publishing is that I maintain all creative control and see a realization of the dream. And let's be honest, self-publishing is no longer as stigmatized as it once was.  Still, there's that part of me that craves mainstream success.  Not to mention, I'd like to see someone else hocking my product for me.

So, in the interest of achieving my dream and setting that example, I suppose I'll forge on for now. And I only have one thing to say.  Here we go again.

Author Note: No blog will be posted on July 26 so this author and her family can take a a much needed vacation. I leave my house and my dogs in the capable hands of the sitter while I leave reality behind. See you in August!

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