Monday, June 6, 2011

Can You Say Vindication?

Today’s topic came to me quite unexpectedly.  I’d planned to write about something else, which I won’t mention in case I decide to do so at a later date. Given that I devoted quite a few of my previous posts to the existence and origin of signs, I thought it best not to ignore one dropped into my lap. This will make sense as we get further along.

Some time ago, I broached the topic of celebrities who venture into the literary world. The overall feel of the post was disdainful and resentful.  As a serious writer, I found it more than a little offensive that the likes of Snooki and Tyra Banks were trying their hands at fiction.  Being a good actor, model, recording artist, etc doesn’t automatically make for a good author. However, celebrities are usually bumped ahead of other aspiring writers who are no doubt more talented. Why? Celebrities come with a built in audience and require less of a marketing investment.  Let me again say, some celebrities are multi talented and can make good authors. Most are not. I felt that way then, and I still feel that way.

Well imagine my surprise to read an article on MSNBC in which a reporter, whose name escapes me, echoed my sentiments. Not only did he share my thoughts, but he even referenced my least favorite and overly hyped celebrity, Tyra Banks. He also threw in a few others I’d missed which included the likes of Hillary Duff and Lauren Conrad, both of whom wrote novels that climbed to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list. I’m sure you can imagine the expletives this incited from me.

Although this subject always gets my dander up, it wasn’t all ire and frustration the article evoked from me. As you’ve no doubt figured out based on the title of this blog, I felt vindicated. I’m not the only one in this industry who recognizes this disturbing trend. A fellow writer with a much larger audiences shares and gave voice to our concerns. Does this mean we can expect a decrease in the number of celebrities crossing over as authors?

Until the public takes a stand and refuses to validate their efforts by refusing to purchase their novels, celebrity writers are here to stay. Seeing as how that’s not likely to happen, it’s something I have to accept as one of those things I can’t do anything about. In the meantime, it’s good to know I’m not alone in my resentment of this practice. Can you say vindication?

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