Monday, January 17, 2011

The Power of Social Networking

I think I've mentioned this before, but I'm somewhat phobic when it comes to new technology. That's not to say I'm completely inept at using the computer.  I just tend to balk when it comes to upgrading or trying the latest new fangled gadgets. Like I said before, it took me forever to let go of using floppy disks and get a thumb drive.

Though I got on the email train pretty fast, that was about the only piece of social networking I liked. Of course, it does bring rejection at the speed of light! While I was also willing to start a web site, I waited three years to start this blog and open a Twitter account.  And I must confess, it was only at the urging of a friend and fellow author that I broke down and did it. As long as I'm confessing things, I'm not afraid to say that I entered into both with a great deal of skepticism.

I'm here today so admit I'm ready to change my view. While I still haven't broken the double digits on Twitter followers, I've got this feeling that will soon change. I owe this change of heart to a Twitter connection.  In my early days of Twitter, I tended to follow anyone who followed me. I didn't go searching for followers, and I couldn't believe it when I got emails saying I'd added another follower. One of those followers who found me was Nanci Arvizu of Page Readers. Nanci runs a great site for writers that helps them get exposure for their books and does a weekly radio show.  In one of her posts, she called for guests and I responded to the call.  A family emergency preempted my radio interview, but Nanci graciously posted the interview on her web site and even offered to review my novel. The review that followed a few months later was quite glowing and reaffirmed my sometimes waning faith in myself as a writer. Not only did she post that review on her web site, but she posted it on Amazon as well.

I now have a new follower, and a new fan, and I owe it all to the power of social networking.

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