Monday, October 11, 2010

The Inaugural Blog

Welcome to the official blog of Trish the Writer, AKA, Trish Edmisten.  For many months now, I've been listening to my dear friend, Patrick Hester, extol the virtues of having a blog.  Supposedly, this is going to set my writing career on fire and gain me legions of fans. I thought Twitter would do the same thing, and so far I'm stuck in the double digits with followers. Of course, I suppose it would help if I updated my Twitter account more often. Trouble is, I'm so busy having fun being a writer, I forget to do these things. Keep that in mind when you don't see my blog updated very often. That being said, I thought I'd give this blogging thing a try and see if anyone is interested.

Those of you who are reading this are probably my dear friends and family, the same ones who buy my books as conicidence would have it. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a fledgling writer trying like heck to break into the young adult field. I've been toiling away for years at this writing thing with only modest success. Depending on the day, or maybe even the time of day, I either love or hate being a writer. I have to warn you most of my posts will be about being a writer and the ups and mostly downs of this job.

So, welcome to my blog and happy reading new friends!

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